lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Sizziling Sexy Post

Hi you guys!!!!!
OMG it's been like soo long since i updated this, but some of you has been asking me to do it, so i decided to move my cute pantied miniskirted tush and start doing it, soo thnx all of u who put me in motion, and we are gonna be talkin' about loads of stuff, i mean, it's gonna be hawt!!!

From Slumber Parties and Prom, to tented panties and sissy on sissy teen loving...

From Movies, TV and music (you know u r into Twilight, My Super Sweet 16 and Lady Ga Ga as much as i am) to sissies kissing and boyfriends/girlfriends or Master/Mistresses.. soo... get ready girls, its gonna be sexy, girlie, fun and purrrrfect!!!!

I just read this on a blog dealing with teen girls: "Teenage girls are funny, emotional, insecure, flighty, and they rarely leave you feeling bored." Gosh!!! Doesn't that sounds like... soo US!!!!!

Let's start with a topic VERY close to our teen sissy hearts... LIPGLOSS!!!!

I love lipgloss, its slipery, smells delicious, taste yummy, and look gawjeous, its fun to put it on, give *others* to taste it from our lips ;-), taste it from other sissy's lips, leave it on somebody elses clitty or cock, reapply it every five minutes and it's just the teeniest girliest of cosmetics!!! Don't you think?

I'm partial to the bubblegum pink, but also couldn't live w/o cherry red, frosted pink, clear and clear with sparks, i'm such a lipgloss slut!!!

Watching another sissy applying lipgloss its such a turn on for me, like gawd!!!! even more if she is of the "teen persuation" as u know i am... its just so sexy and i also love doing it for others, makes me happy and my clitty always jump in my panties, isn't that like amazing girls???!!!!

Ill leave it to here 'cause i gotta go put some more of my new ultra shinny bubbleum pink lipgloss with lots of spakles, see you soon babes!!!!

sissy kisses

Please gurlz post some comments and also tell me what would u like for us to talk about here... will ya? luvvv ya biatches... kisses (mwahhh)