viernes, 10 de octubre de 2008

Why sissy Lindsay-Marissa Loves the Mean Girls

I mean you have read here when i write wbout this movie and people that knows me knows that i can recite almost the whole movie lines without even having to see the screen, totally!!! but i havent tell you why it means so much to me, i mean Mean Girls its like a step by step guide into teenage girldom, its a know-how and knwo-who abou this ...

The Mean Girls characters are 4 of the most gorgeous, chic, fashionable, girlie girls in cinema, I mean they are like role models to any girls, or sissy girl who like, would ever dream of being a princess, they are “teen royalty”, and that’s something we all should aspire, like duh! Who would not want to be a “Queen Bee” or love one? I mean it’s like totally obvious, phuleeeaze! Get real people, I wanna be a total princess and these girls are my role models…

To start telling you about the Mean Girls, I have to tell you a bit of the story, like whatever! How on earth would you know who they are and why I love them so much! I mean it’s like basics, you know?

The first Mean Girl it’s a personal favorite, let’s talk about Cady Heron, played by the amazing, stylish, sexy, ultra girlie Lindsay Lohan, well this girl has been raised by her parents in Africa, can you imagine? A girl that hot and femmy trapped in like Africa or wherever that place was, sheeeshhh!. At age 16, she moves to America to attend public school, after having been home schooled all her life, she starts like this really shy flower, like a shrinking violet or something, and that’s like totally cool with her and stuff, but she soon will realize that’s not cool at all! *Drama!*. On the first day, she is surprised by all the rules and restrictions that high school has. She struggles to fit in, but meets two students, Janis Ian here played by Lizzy Caplan, a rebellious girl with a gothic look, I mean I liked her character and all but she would look like super hot in a mini and heels!, and Damian the hilarious Daniel Franzese, her "too-gay-to-function" friend, who decide to show her around and offer her insight into the cliques and hierarchy (that was a big word, sissy me I had to look for it in a Dic… Dicctio.. tio… nary), of the school.

At the top of the social ladder are a trio of girls known as "The Plastics," (lets all bow to their incredible looks and amazing wardrobe!) a group of popular and spiteful girls who rule the roost, and forever will rule my heart: Karen Smith the lovely Amanda Seyfried, Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) and the acid-tongued Regina George (my queen and goddess of style in this movie) the incredibly gorgeous Rachel McAdams, I mean I am like totally faithful to Lindsay Lohan, but Rachel McAdams it’s the bratty, ultra girlie and femme, sexy, flirty, shallow, conceited, all about clothes, and sooo hot princess personified.

The rest it’s like a total story of backstabbing, romances, friendship and gorgeous clothes and shoes on high school “girl world” I won’t tell you more so you guys can enjoy seeing it, but let me tell you dolls, by the end you feel like you were hit by a bus!!!! Giggles….

Note: this las pic, was showed to me by my new bff Tina, isnt it like the hawtest thing luike... ever!!!, thanks hun! you totally RAWK!!!!
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Anónimo dijo...

oh my gawd!

I so totally luv your blog!

I just found it - it like totally rocks!

I'm like you... like totally turned on by the idea of being a sissy teengage princess but then again it's like totally ewwww!

I seriously so adore Mean Girls and other similar chickflicks with totally hawt princesses that I like wanna be so much it like hurts (ouch!):(

My totally fave pic from Mean girlz is this one from the movie art:

It seriously rawks!.

Anyway love ya blog..can't wait for new posts

Luv Tina XX

Anónimo dijo...

hmm oh that link didn't paste properly

here is the full link:

Anónimo dijo...

OK OK I'm a dizzy blonde princess so please forgive. Third time lucky:

lindsay-marissa dijo...

OMG sorry girl i like sooo wanted to see it, but i totally couldnt, i mean, i was so bummed, i hope you could show it to me, also i would luv to be your friend on msn or yahoo, that would be like sooo awesome!!! also if you know other girlz that feel like us, show them the link and let's have a slumber party!!!!

lindsay-marissa dijo...

OH GOSH!!!! i just saw the pic you told me i looked at it searching in google images, its the one were the are giving her a makeover right???? OMG, OMG, OMG its ao awesome i am so tottally gonna upload it. thankz girl!!! ytou rock Babe!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

like totally kewl babe!

My yahoo email is

Isn't that pic like totally awesome? I sooo totally seriously wanna be her.

and like oh my god you called me your bff thats like totally way out and I'm like oh my god that's so like totally bitchen!

lindsay-marissa dijo...

You are soo my bff, if you want to!!! i mean, its like soulmates or sumthing, us teen princess sissy gurlz have to stick together, u know?
Its like too mucho to dress and talk and act like this, am i right? so totaly way out, and i love the bitchen part!!! sooo kewl!! BTW love ya biatch!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

This is so hawt! I love it!!

Totally awesome!!!


Anónimo dijo...

I totally luv ur blog it's awesome!
I've been waiting for a wekks now since ur last post. It totally rocks pls post more!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Lindsay Lohan looks cool in short skirts. Awesome legs!